Designer Face Mask. Reusable and adjustable textile face mask with the filter pocket. UK designer.


With the growing concerns around Coronavirus (Covid-19) we all need to care about ourselves and others around us, and face masks are one small step that can help. There is different advice given about whether face masks really help unless you are in the medical world and treating people, but in today’s confusing world of information it is still good to “feel” safe.

These fashionable, reusable, washable, outdoor unisex masks are made at my studio in South East London. The pictures of the face masks you see are my current designs and are all made to order. The fabrics used are from limited collections I have, but if you want a solid colour please drop me a message to see if I can help.

[COLOURS] - As shown, however patterned fabrics especially flowers and abstract designs can look slightly different due to the material cutting process. 

[SIZES] - Please view the Face Mask size chart (additional picture).

[BREATHABLE MATERIAL] - My masks have two layers with a soft cotton inner layer to the face so won’t cause any irritations.

[REUSABLE] - Hand washable, so every time when you coming back home you can wash your face mask while you wash your hands.

[FRIENDLY DESIGN] - My masks, with adjustable elastic ear loops, are wide enough to cover nose, mouth and face and are very comfortable to wear. It also prevents you from touching your face, while out and about.

[FILTER POCKET] - An internal pocket has been added to enable you to insert a PM2.5 filter (size 12cm x 8.5cm) if required. PM2.5 filters can be purchased from Amazon, EBay and other outlets.

[DELIVERY] - As my face masks are made to order, delivery from the point of order will be between 5 to 7 days.

Stay safe and care about yourself and others.

Take care.