Organic wool felt slippers in eco GREY colour decorated with cotton trim


Organic wool slippers in eco GREY colour with cotton trim

These felt slippers are Hand felted from organic wool and decorated with crochet trim.

Our slippers are a luxury you can feel comfortable in. This is a product you can trust will care for your feet. Crafted from a light high-strength felt our slippers are durable, light and ergonomic. Each pair of Onstail slippers are entirely unique. Each pair is shaped from a diverse and beautiful palette of pastel colours and, as you can see we make them in a range of styles. To ensure long life and slip resistance the soles are covered with a natural rubber latex. Our artisan chooses and blends colours to create designs which will truly be your own.

Our Material

Onstail slippers use felt as a fabric due to its versatility and natural properties. Ecological and sustainable to produce, as a wool product, felt is also resilient to wear and tear. It’s breathes around your foot like a lung. Ensuring your feet are never too hot. And never too cold. The shaping process creates a form which will fit around your foot ensuring comfort and wearability.


Onstail slippers are 100% wool and 100% handmade and always are made by request.
Production time 2-3 weeks.

Be Eco-conscious in choosing felt.
Onstail 2009. London