Art to create

To be able to create art is a very important aim in my life. Since I was a child I spent a lot of time searching and creating in order to understand ancient craft. Today, I am very grateful to my dearest Grandmother for the knowledge she past down to me. I was always very interested in learning something new and this is probably why I decided to join Telsiai and Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania and became a professional designer.  One of the main purposes of my creativity is to preserve and adapt the old craft traditions in modern life.

Felting is one of the oldest textile manufacturing techniques and one of the most eco-friendly, organic, readily degradable substance on earth. Felting is like working with clay, where we can extract the desired shape and textures with endless possibilities.  This is probably why felting is so well established with modern fashion, interiors, and sculptures.  Today felting is everywhere…..  combining a variety of materials we can get amazing results.

I start felting in 2008 and it inspiring me to create and experiment.   Today I'm designing and making felted slippers, handbags, phone cases and accessories. My main creativity and production aspects are quality, delicacy, practicality, modern design and ecology.

If you have any question be free to contact me please .